Reveal your curves

enCurve provides a non-surgical, touch-free treatment that allows you to shape your body comfortably within a few weeks and reveal your curves.

  • Beautiful curves safely

    Beautiful curves safely

    enCurve is a safe, non-invasive solution that helps you to shape your body effectively, and that gives you visible results quickly.

  • Touch-free Fat loss

    Touch-free Fat loss

    enCurve’s targeted shortwave technology induces your body to remove fat naturally without touching your skin

  • Shape your body with no downtime

    Shape your body with no downtime

    Shaping your body with enCurve does not interfere with your daily routine. Once the treatment is finished, you can continue your day uninterrupted.

  • Show your curves comfortably

    Show your curves comfortably

    Bring out your curves in the comfort of a clinic bed. Just arrive at the clinic and relax while enCurve works on sculpting your curves.

  • 4-6 short sessions

    4-6 short sessions

    A short treatment time of 40 minutes for the abdomen and flanks or back and 30 minutes for your arm or leg (60 minutes for the pair) and your body will start disposing of fat cells naturally. You will notice the difference from the 2nd session.

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enCurve advantages

enCurve has a number of smart features that make it the most effective and appealing body contouring solution.
Large applicator

Treats large areas

enCurve’s large applicator is designed to treat wider areas of the body such as the abdomen, waistline and back for a more natural, homogeneous appearance. Ideal session time is 40 minutes for each large area.

Small applicator

Also treats arms and legs

The small applicator is designed to treat the arms and thighs for more effectiveness and definition. Session per limb is 30 minutes (60 minutes per pair).

Automatic body resistance monitoring

Customized treatment for you

The enCurve treatment is customized for your body. During the session, the body’s resistance can constantly change, which reduces the amount of radiofrequency that reaches the fat cells. enCurve periodically measures the body resistance during the session and adjusts the power output accordingly for optimal results.

No sweat

No sweat

Sweating during the session reduces the efficacy of radiofrequency. To eliminate sweat and make sure the optimal treatment is delivered, enCurve periodically blows air on the treated area to dry up any sweat.


What doctors are saying


What enCurve users are saying


What advantages does enCurve have over other body contouring treatments?
  • Treats wide areas
  • Short session
  • Not painful
  • No pinching and no constricting the skin
  • No touch
  • Not a manual nor a mechanical treatment that is dependent on the therapist’s proper application
  • Results can appear after the second session
Which areas of body can be treated?
enCurve treats multiple areas of the body such as the arms, thighs, flanks, abdomen and back.
How long do the treatment sessions take?
enCurve sessions are quick and easy. The enCurve treatment is 40 minutes for large areas and 30 minutes for small areas.
How soon before I notice a change in my body shape?
You can start noticing a visible reduction in size after just two sessions. We recommend booking a course of 4-6 sessions (1 session every 7-10 days). To get a better idea of how many sessions you’ll need, click here to find the closest clinic to you that offers enCurve treatments and contact them for consultation.
Is enCurve safe?
enCurve is a safe, contactless treatment that has been CE and SFDA approved.
What will I feel during the session?
enCurve users might feel a mild sensation in the treated area.
How will I feel after treatment?
There are no side effects to the enCurve treatment, you can carry on with your day as normal.
Where can I find an enCurve provider?
If you’d like to book your first session, or would like to speak to a clinic to find out more information, please refer to our Clinics list
How much does an enCurve session cost?
enCurve sessions prices vary from clinic to clinic. Please contact your nearest clinic for more info.
How does enCurve work?
enCurve utilizes a specific radiofrequency (27.12 MHz) combined with 300 Watts of power to selectively target and heat fat cells to the optimal temperature of 45 degrees Celsius to cause them to start breaking down (apoptosis). Your body will then discard them through a natural process called phagocytosis.

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