The body contouring solution that ticks all the boxes

  • Treats larger areas
  • No consumables
  • Hands-free, non-manual
  • Short 40 min sessions
  • Simple to operate

Grow your business with enCurve, the innovative radiofrequency circumferential reduction solution that meets your needs and your patients’ aspirations for effective, simple, painless and affordable body contouring.

How it works?

enCurve effectively targets and destroys adipocytes through non-contact radiofrequency

Designed for your patients… and your business

  • Hands-free non-manual treatment

    Hands-free non-manual treatment

    enCurve does not require the continuous presence or manual application of a therapist or nurse; thus freeing their valuable time and maximizing their efficiency.

  • No consumables

    No consumables

    enCurve requires no consumables and no cycle-fees, reducing its operating cost and providing you with more pricing flexibility and complimentary package sessions at no additional cost to you.

  • Fast noticeable results

    Fast noticeable results

    Due to enCurve's effective targeting of adipocytes and superior energy delivery, patients need 4 to 6 sessions with 1 session per week. They will start noticing results after the 2nd session.

  • Minimal discomfort

    Minimal discomfort

    enCurve's non-invasive, radiofrequency technology targets fat while bypassing the dermis and epidermis, which minimizes discomfort and allows for an easy patient treatment.

  • Touch-free solution

    Touch-free solution

    enCurve does not require contact with the patient’s skin making it an appealing solution for both the patient and your staff

  • 4-6 short sessions

    4-6 short sessions

    enCurve session is 40 minutes for large areas such as the abdomen, flanks and back and 30 minutes for small areas (60 minutes for both arms or legs.) Treatment program is average of 4 to 6 sessions at the rate of 1 session per week.

The enCurve advantages

Engineered for effective energy delivery and results


27.12 MHz

Output power

Max. 300 W

300 W 200 W 43 - 45º C Temperature Time

300W power output

More power for superior efficacy

enCurve applies the radio frequency of 27.12 MHz to selectively target adipocytes and delivers a superior power of 300 Watts to effectively heat the fat cells to the required temperature that causes their denaturation and triggers their apopotosis.

Impedance Monitoring

Adjusts energy to counter tissue resistance

The body's impedance alters continuously, which reduces radio frequency's reach to the adipocytes thus diminishing its effect. To offset this resistance variation and deliver the optimal energy, enCurve's proprietary PISATM periodically monitors the patient’s impedance and adjusts the energy for a more effective treatment.

The reflective power meter periodically measures the patient’s change in impedance and adjusts the output accordingly to maintain optimal treatment efficacy.

300 29 Easy to use interface (GUI).


Eliminates sweat interference

Heating induces sweat, which affects the body's impedance and reduces radiofrequency's penetration. enCurve’s Air-Mode periodically puffs air on the treatment area to dry sweat, reducing sweat interference. Energy is delivered more efficiently.

Treats wide areas

Large applicator for faster sessions

enCurve has the largest applicator that is designed to treat wider areas such as the entire abdomen and waistline in one session.



Also treats arms and legs

enCurve also has a small applicator to treat smaller areas of the body thus increasing its versatility.




What doctors are saying


What patients are saying


What are the key advantages of enCurve over other circumferential reduction treatments available?
  • Treats wider areas in addition to smaller areas.
  • Does not require constant presence or the manual treatment of a nurse.
  • No consumables.
  • Very simple to operate.
  • Only 40 minutes sessions.
  • Results noticed from 2nd session.
What training is required for my staff?
enCurve requires minimal training and is easy to operate. In addition to our clinical training, there is additional training material on our e-learning platform.
How much does enCurve cost?
Please contact us by clicking here and we will contact you for pricing.
What are the required consumables?
enCurve requires no consumables making it an ideal, long-term body contouring solution.

Imdad qualified solutions

Imdad is the leading provider of energy-based aesthetic medicine solutions in the Middle East since 1991. Imdad is committed to securing confidence in aesthetic medicine and to help the Middle East become the destination of choice for lifestyle medicine.

Why has Imdad qualified enCurve as the body contouring solution of choice?

As with all our carefully selected and qualified solutions, we are committed to offer the right body solution for our region. We believe that enCurve satisfies all of the requirements of the patients, therapists, doctors and clinic owners. We invite you to discover why.

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